As mentioned above, trypanosomiasis is caused by protozoan parasites, which, in turn, are introduced into the human body along with the infected feces of the triatomic bug. It turns out as follows: the insect stays on the surface of ramipril pills for some time, leaves its feces there, then bites through the skin. The site of the bite (step) turns red and swells, and through the skin damaged by the bite, the parasite enters the body and spreads with the bloodstream.

The causative agent of the disease can also penetrate through the conjunctiva of altace, mucous membranes, and respiratory tract. Parasites that have entered the bloodstream are spread throughout all organs and systems, thereby causing severe complications - heart failure, tachycardia, gastrointestinal dysfunction, liver failure, and sometimes death.

This is due to the fact that the climatic conditions of these places are excellent for triatom or kissing bugs - the main sources of infection. Chagas disease can be transmitted transmissibly (through the blood), transplacental (from mother to child through the placenta). Such routes of infection are much less common, but they do exist.

As already mentioned, the course of the disease can be asymptomatic. The acute phase is characterized by the following manifestations: Some scientists even compare Chagas disease to HIV infection. If HIV / AIDS gradually undermines the immune system, then trypanosomiasis slowly affects the cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract, and this is no less dangerous.


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The constant presence of parasites in a particular organ causes its deformation and dysfunction. Since the manifestations of altace are nonspecific, clinical manifestations alone are not enough to make a diagnosis. It is rare to diagnose Chagas disease in its early stages. Very often this is due to the fact that a huge number of people prone to this disease have unfavorable living conditions and are not always able to seek medical help.


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Most often, the disease is detected already in the chronic stage, when a person begins to worry about complications associated with significant damage to organs. Blood donated by donors in countries endemic for Chagas disease is carefully screened for the presence of ramipril. If one is found, the donor is immediately informed about it, and the blood is destroyed. The frequency of detection of the disease in a donor in countries endemic for Chagas disease is approximately 1:4000.

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Here the opinions of scientists are divided: there is an opinion that antiparasitic treatment is not entirely effective in the fight against Trypanosomacruzi. Other experts believe that treatment with these drugs may well cope with the disease: parasites are successfully removed from the body of a sick person, there have been many cases of a significant improvement in the condition of patients. However, treatment with these drugs is indicated for all adults and children with Chagas disease, the difference is only in dosage.